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Which yoga postures effectively promote weight loss?

Yoga generally evokes its benefits for inner balance and meditation, yet it offers much more. This age-old discipline can be an effective ally in weight loss. By practicing yoga regularly while maintaining a moderate calorie deficit, significant results can be achieved. Discover the five best yoga postures to lose weight and strengthen your body and mind.

Utkatasana, the posture of the Chair to strengthen and balance the body

Also called "Imaginary Chair," this asana works the muscles of the legs and glutes. Feet are placed either hip-width apart or together. The arms rise upwards, the hands meet or face each other. The spine remains straight, the knees do not exceed the toes. To enhance the calorie-burning effects, hold this pose for several breaths before changing.

Virabhadrasana, the Warrior posture to develop strength and stability

The Warrior, a powerful asana, is essential for burning calories and strengthening the legs. Three variants exist: Warrior I and II, suitable for beginners, and Warrior III, more advanced. In Warrior I, the knee bends at 90 degrees in a lunge, while the back foot anchors at 45 degrees. The arms stretch upwards, shoulders relaxed, and the chest tilts slightly. Warrior III requires good balance because you stand on one leg, in a balancing position. Integrating these Warrior Poses into a dynamic yoga flow increases their calorie-burning effect.

Vasisthasana, the side plank posture to improve core strength

This asana solicits the whole body by maintaining a balanced lateral position. It engages the trunk, legs, back and arms. Starting from the traditional plank, we transfer the weight on one arm to open to the side. The feet are together, the toes aligned. Beginners can simplify this posture by bending the lower leg on the mat. Integrated into a dynamic sequence, it becomes an excellent exercise for burning calories.

Kakasana, the Raven posture to work on balance and concentration

The Raven pose, reserved for advanced yogis, represents a real balance challenge. It strengthens the arms, wrists and shoulders while soliciting the deep muscles of the body. Although impressive at first glance, regular practice and a cushion for support can master it. The weight of the body is carried by the arms, while the knees rest on them. The torso tilts forward, parallel to the floor, triggering a significant calorie-burning effect.

Chaturanga Dandasana, the push-up pose to strengthen the arms and core

Also called "tight grip push-ups," this familiar fitness asana is found in yoga. It solicits the pectorals, triceps, shoulders, belly, buttocks and legs. For beginners, the knees can rest on the ground while keeping a straight line. Arms bent, elbows close to the body, shoulders relaxed, descent and ascent must be controlled and slow. Performing this posture fluidly increases your potential for energy expenditure.

Yoga offers several positions that effectively promote weight loss by engaging various muscle groups. Among these, you will find:

  • the position of the Chair or Utkatasana;
  • the attitude of the Warrior or Virabhadrasana;
  • the side plank posture or Vasisthasana;
  • the alignment of the Raven or Kakasana;
  • the push-up position or Chaturanga Dandasana.

These asanas are among the most effective and offer special benefits in this regard. Integrated into fluid and dynamic sequences, they become real allies for burning calories and improving physical condition. Don't forget to use Yogati's Yoga Mat , a durable and eco-friendly piece of equipment. It will allow you to practice these postures with complete peace of mind. Namaste!

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