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Kundalini Yoga: yoga of the awakening of consciousness!


Considered as "mother of all yogas", Kundalini yoga is an exception, it is a discipline developed from the most effective yoga postures.

Combining modernity and traditional values, this type of yoga brings together, associates and systematizes in its practice all the other forms of yoga, reconstituting the sap and the breath of an authentic yoga. It is a powerful, accessible and beneficial refuge that meets the great diversity of everyone's expectations.

In this sense, you are certainly wondering what exactly is it? What is his story ? How are the sessions going? I will explain to you today in this article everything you need to know about this particular yoga.

Kundalini yoga, what is it?

In Sanskrit, this term means “vital energy”. For some, Kundalini is considered the "original yoga" as it is closely linked to spirituality. But you don't have to adhere to a certain philosophy or spirituality to reap the benefits.

It is a rich and complete type of yoga that incorporates a panoply of dynamic body practices (asanas), varied breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, relaxation and sacred sounds (mantras) . They make it possible to concentrate the breath and the energy, and consequently to harmonize and develop the body and the spiritual of the person. This priceless treasure of practices has been transmitted for centuries from one yogi to another, from one initiate to another, thus sharing their knowledge in secret. Then the tools and techniques of Kundalini Yoga were propagated in the western world and passed on to a wide audience.

The origin of the practice

This practice was born a long time ago, but found a second wind in the 70s with Yogi Bhajan , a recognized master, initiated into Kundalini yoga since his childhood. He noticed that the majority of Western travelers who came to India at the time were drug-addicted hippies. The latter had hoped to find something in India but often returned home, unsatisfied. As if this country had something to reveal to them about itself and about life. Bhajan then settled in Canada and then in the United States to help this class of society through the practice of Kundalini yoga.

This practice was until then an unknown practice and reserved for insiders and designated persons. According to him, in response to the great changes that the world was experiencing and the era that was coming, it would be beneficial to introduce Kundalini yoga.

For this purpose, he created the organization “ Healthy Happy Holy ” or 3HO. The latter was intended to support practitioners of this type of yoga to balance their body, mind and energy. Thus through this foundation he wanted to share with Westerners the thousand-year-old techniques of Kundalini through courses. Above all, he wanted not only to train students, but also to teach teachers in order to take up the torch and make Kundalini yoga known as much as possible.

After his death in 2004, the Kundalini Research Institute continued to disseminate his teachings throughout the world.

The benefits of Kundalini yoga

This powerful practice will allow you, among other things, to:

  • channel energies and focus on personal development;
  • strengthen the body, avoid stress and achieve a state of well-being and inner peace;
  • have a balance both physically (with postures, movements and breathing) and psychologically (concentration and mental control techniques);
  • develop inner wisdom;
  • change their view of themselves and of life;
  • boost the functionality of vital organs;
  • balance the nervous, immune and endocrine systems;
  • reach the state of deep meditation.

The course of a Kundalini yoga session

A Kundalini yoga class can last between 1h and 1h30. So you can practice it alone or in a group, preferably in the morning. Generally practitioners put on loose white clothes with a white turban on the head, which refers to the White Tantra of which Yogi Bhajan was a master.

white tantra kundalini yoga

During each session, Kundalini yoga follows a certain sequence, since it is a codified practice like Ashtanga.

The session always begins with the chanting of several mantras, then a series of Kundalini yoga called Kriya. It is a sequence of codified postures, which can be static or in motion. You can also add pranayamas (breathing exercises) or songs.

kriya yoga poses

You will find nearly 1,000 different series, which Yogi Bhajan was able to teach with precise indications on the order and the execution time. Each of the series is based on a well-defined theme, for example: strengthening your aura, becoming more resistant to illness, harmonizing body and mind or improving the flexibility of the spine. During these exercises, awareness of body and mind is essential.

At the end of the session, you can do a meditation on the same theme, with a sitting, standing or moving position. This meditation can be integrated directly into the series, with or without visualization.

Then, for a pure moment of relaxation, you can practice Shavasana. At the end, the session is closed with new chants of mantras.


Who can practice Kundalini yoga:

Kundalini yoga does not require having practiced other styles of yoga to begin. Thus, it is not obligatory to be in an extraordinary physical condition, since the postures are not dynamic and depend on the level of each one. On the other hand, if you want to discover yoga for the first time and its spiritual aspect frightens you, then I do not recommend this type of yoga.

You will find many songs and breathing exercises, something that is not easy to practice which will not necessarily please everyone.

You should also know that the Kundalini can have some effects on your mind and your emotions (crises of laughter or tears during the sessions). Likewise, you may feel more or less well after certain classes. However, remember that you will come out of your classes with a lot of energy and a pleasant impression by ensuring a better physical and energetic balance.


In summary, Kundalini Yoga, this powerful yoga that revitalizes, will change your life. With regular practice you will deduce that it is more than just a type of yoga but a key to the soul, the fuel and the power that will allow you to connect to your soul, to assimilate your incarnation, your mission. of life and manifest it.

To read more:

  • Kundalini Yoga - for an invincible life by Guru Jagat.
  • The Kundalini Yoga Manual: 11 sets of exercises by Satya Singh.

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